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The network should be noise free
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The network should be invisible. If your needs dictate, your resources should be too.

The network should be noise free. This is where material we produce will appear once it's ready for public consumption. In the meantime, we will not clutter your sight with things of dubious value.

Instead, we will point you to some of the tools we use. Our main stock in trade is OpenBSD, a fine operating system for all your network needs. Also close to our hearts is FreeBSD, a parallel development in the BSD family tree. Some of us have found Ubuntu to be a nice desktop.

Some byproducts of our activities here are the currently trapped IP addresses list, documented on the Traplist page, the PF tutorial and various articles and field notes, published mainly over at

Coupled with our competence and experience, we will help you build and maintain the network and services you need. Send us a message if you want to know how. offers planning, configuration, training and maintenance services for your network.

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